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I really love this setup, the Leica MP with Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f/1.4 lens. It is very compact and indiscreet, and simple to use. This lens is really fast and compact, performance is very good, and best of all it is very affordable. For those who can’t afford a Leica glass, you should seriously consider [...]

Great meeting Janson and Thazin few weeks ago at Formula Drift. How time flies… but you guys look just as fabulous as the day on your wedding! I can still remember how young at heart Thazin’s dad is! Stay cool and awesom Uncle! And a big thanks to my childhood friend Jonathan, for introducing this cool couple [...]

Here I go again, I’ve abandoned my DSLR momentarily during a wedding shoot, for a film camera. This time was a Leica MP camera mounted with a Canon 50 1.2 lens. Left over from my other film adventure, the camera was loaded with only a few shots of film left, just about enough for me to have some quick fun [...]

A very beautiful wedding. A very wonderful couple. A very beautiful Bride. A very wonderful Groom. A very happy photographer. Just a preview. More to come soon. Share