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{ PDN portrait contest ~ my humble submissions }

Finally I have taken a leap of faith and participate in a photography contest. Portraiture of babies and toddlers!
You can view my submissions here:

PDN FACES: Portrait Photography Contest.

Thank you lots!!!
Each person can only vote for 1 image, therefore one person can only vote 1 out of my 10 submissions.
If you you decide to vote for another of my image, the first image you voted for will lose that vote.

My precious little ones have brought me lots of blessing and joy, and without any doubt, I have found myself indulging
happily in taking many pictures of them. The following picture is my very first baby portraiture, where my first born son has
happily and unknowingly volunteered for it.

But trust me, it has been really difficult in getting this shot! Babies being innocent, adorable and all, they have a free will to do
anything they wish and not abiding to any law or basic instructions. But I do have a strong will and love for both my photography
and my children, therefore with much patience, aching back and neck, I eventually being rewarded with this shot.

Nevertheless, you will see more of my contest participation in the near future!




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